Email marketing is one among the best methods through which you can make money (Email marketing; as in affiliate marketing). The principle is simple: You recommend a product to your email subscribers, and if they buy it, you get a commission. But, for this to work, you need to have subscribers. And to have subscribe, you need to take necessary steps. One of the methods that many bloggers use to build their list is eBook giveaway (you get the eBook for subscription). And for the eBook giveaway to “work”, you need to first prove your ability to blog in your niche through the posts that you write; high quality informative posts. I am going too deep on that, since that is not the subject of talk for today. Anyways, this post will take a look at the pros and cons of writing an eBook for your list.

Are You Going to Write an eBook for Your Newsletter?

The Pros Are Simple:

  • Grow your subscribers list – eBook giveaway is an excellent way to grow your list; people tend to subscribe when you offer them something in return.
  • Improve your writing skill – An excellent eBook requires a lot of work (writing, researching etc). Writing the eBook will certainly put you in a better position, as a blogger (you will learn a lot of new things while preparing an eBook for your list).
  • Get New Ideas for blog posts – When you write an eBook on your niche, you may get new ideas for future blog posts.
  • You are an author of a Book – Yes, eBooks make it so much easier to become an established writer. If you want, you could sell the hard copies of your eBook.
  • Builds Your Passion, Patience and Determination – Writing an eBook will help you to strengthen your passion for the niche. It also builds patience and determination, because writing an eBook does take a lot of time and effort.

The Cons:

  • It requires a lot of work – Yes, writing an eBook is not a simple thing (Nowadays, there are a lot of eBooks that reiterates the same techniques/principles; so, if you want to succeed in eBook list building, you need to write an awesome eBook that helps your readers).
  • Design/Layout of the eBook (the look of the eBook is very important) – Well, if you are an expert using Photoshop, then you could design your own eBook covers. Or else, you could spent $5 on Fiverr for a great Design.
  • You need to have a list- Yes, of course. You need to have a list and all list building tools (like subscription forms to have the maximum success with eBook list building).
  • Credibility/Trust – For the eBook list building technique to work effectively, you need to have trust among your readers (you should have build trust and credibility earlier through your blog posts; You should have written awesome blog posts).

My Experience

What I wrote above was based on my own experience from writing eBook(s). I have written more than 1 eBook. But, have never published them online since I didn’t feel like it. I will be publishing the eBook (that I wrote for this blog) soon. But, before that I need to get consistent with this blog, build traffic and start building a list!

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