Hello Everyone!

I welcome you all to my new site: Blog Networking 101.

Unlike my other site, this site is going to focus on a specific aspect of blogging: Networking (and Marketing). I started this new site with one goal in mind:

To build up a “great” site that provides the user with quality information related to Networking, Marketing and other aspects of blogging.
For those guys, who are familiar with me or my site, here is a little background information.

My Blogging Expertise

I started blogging, back in 2009, when I had the urge to start a new website. At that time, I had decided to go with Technology as my niche. But, as time moved on, I realized that I had a “stronger” motivation to blog about blogging – achieving success with blogging through effective Online Marketing and Networking.

About Jeevan Jacob John

I am a young, enthusiastic blogger who blogs about achieving blogging success. I am also a passionate follower of Medical Sciences. My experiences range from volunteering to experimental science to blogging.

As a volunteer, I have worked with several different churches in India and in US. I have helped to organize events such as Sunday School classes.

As a student, I have always been passionate to explore, to learn and to conquer new heights that no one has before. I have also worked with the Science and Nature Club.

My school experience has helped me to gain expertise in different fields. For instance, Music Club has helped me to become a good singer, pianist and a thambala (a drum like instrument) artist.

My experiences of blogging for over 2 years has helped me to improve my communication skills and to increase my confidence. Blogging has also helped me to gain expertise in marketing and networking with local businesses.