Yes and no.

I have a big “Yes” to tools like social media, inbound marketing and others in general.

I have a big “No” to specific tools such as twitter clients, to do lists etc.

I personally like and use many tools, but over the years of blogging, I have reduced the tools I depend on drastically.

On a side note: I just noticed that Comment Luv was inactive for the past couple of weeks – All thanks to “crappy” updater – not sure, if it is just an issue with my site. Anyways, I am grateful to all of you: Thank you for being a valuable commentator who care – more about relationships and content than about links.

As of now, the only tools I depend upon are Workflowy, Rescue Time, WP, Google related products (Gmail, Google drive, Google Chrome), Bufferapp and occasionally Crowd booster.

Workflowy is like a awesome mind map tool, much easier to use and is like a free flow chart (Actually like our brain). Thanks to Ryan Hanley for introducing me to the tool.

Rescue Time is a tool that tracks the amount of time we spent on each activity/program/site. A very handy tool to realize where our time goes. Thanks to Lisa for the introduction.

Do I use other tools? Certainly in the form of WordPress plugins (or general tools such as Social media – twitter).

Anyways, here is why I am working on reducing the number of tools that I depend upon:

Tools are like medicinal drugs – they can help us, but they don’t necessarily solve any problems. I know a lot of bloggers who spend their time finding more tools to improve their productivity and achieve their goals. Yes, tools can improve our productivity – but it depends. If we aren’t willing to work, tools aren’t going to make a big difference.

Like I mentioned earlier, tools are like medicinal drugs. You know what happens when we use a drug for a long time, our body begins to heavily rely on it (starts to become an addiction). Take for instance: Coffee. The caffeine in the coffee binds to our neuro-synaptic receptors and increases our attention span (it actually replaces a body chemical that performs the specific task, over time, the body gets addicted to it).

I believe that’s the science behind it (it’s almost close, sorry I learned it 3 years ago, forgot a lot of stuff).

Relying heavily upon tools isn’t a great option (What if the company decides to take out the tool? Sure there might be other competitors, but just think about it).

Moreover, we need to learn to control ourselves and make decision regarding productivity and where our time in spent without the help of any tools (Using them in the short term is the viable option, which is what I do. I have tried many productivity apps, I switch between them every month or so – this not only decreases my reliance upon the tool, but also keeps the effectiveness of the tool at the same level. Note: Remember, tools are like medicinal drugs, over time the effectiveness of the “same dose” decreases.

Anyways, those are just my thoughts regarding tools.

Yes, you need certain tools for business.

But, try to keep it low – rely on tools that you really need (And experiment with others). Learn to control your body and mind. Teach your body to spend time where you actually need to spend it – not where you want to.