Simplicity or Complexity?

What do you think?

Allow me to narrow down the question, would you want your blog (and blog elements like sidebars, post content, style, design etc) to be simple or complex?

I prefer simplicity.

Simple ideas are a lot better to work with. They are also easier to understand, tweak upon and teach. The more complex an idea is, the more time, more resources it takes to learn/tweak/experiment with it.

Most of the times, simple ideas are the best.

Allow me to give you an example:

Many of you might have heard of the famous essay paper written by a student for Oxford. The question was: What is Courage?

And the student wrote (After leaving 7 blank pages): This is Courage.

It was a simple answer. Yes, the student described courage without even writing about it. Simple, but yet wonderful.

Most of us, in this case, would have gone for a complex essay with 10-12 paragraphs and stuff.

(Side note: The main problem with today’s world is that we try to solve problems from a complex perspective when a simple perspective might have just worked out).

Well, now to my main purpose for this post:

Make your blog simple.

  1. Write simple posts – simple sentences that are used effectively to teach the reader – never expect your readers to look up a word in the dictionary – they may not have the time and patience for that. Make the complex ideas simple. As Einstein once said, if you can’t describe the idea simply, then you didn’t understand it very well (he said something along those lines). Anyways, the important thing here is that we keep the ideas simple. Simple posts = simple sentences + Easy to read post style (lot of white spaces, font, color etc.)
  2. Keep your design simple – As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, keep your design simple and minimalistic. You don’t need to get fancy pancy with your blog. Don’t add unnecessary widgets; it is just going to slow your blog down. Simple design = Things you need (Content, subscription box, social media profiles) + Simple colors and fonts that doesn’t hurt the eye.
  3. Easy commenting – The words describe themselves; Make it easy for your readers to join in the discussion.
  4. Simple incentives – don’t get too carried away with call-to-action headlines. Write something simple and unique.
  5. Simple headlines – I should have included this in the first bullet point, forgot to do that. Anyways, simple headlines means headlines that describe your post in an unique and attractive way.
  6. Simple everything – What else have you got in your blog? Revisit your blog from a reader’s perspective. How do you share? subscribe? Are the options simple enough for a new visitor who doesn’t have any clue about your niche? Are the options convincing?

Rethink. Revisit. React. Simplicity works.