Yes, it is challenge time.

(It has been some time since I took a challenge – I am so excited for this one!).

For the past couple of months, I have been experimenting with a whole lot of tools (you would have guessed that by now if you had read my recent post or have been following me on my social media sites).

And most of the tools were related to increasing online productivity (I didn’t plan to do any challenges back then, I just wanted to experiment and see what works).

Before I begin, let me give you the list of tools I have used so far:

Editorial Calendar – Well, a productivity tool just for my blog posts.

Astrid Tasks – A to do list kind of app. You create tasks to do and check them as you do it.

Google Reader – A related tool, for blog commenting (I can definitely say that my commenting productivity increased ever since I started using G reader).

Work Flowy – This is not directly related to productivity and time management, but it can help a lot – a free flow mind mapping tool.

Rescue Time – A tool that lets you to supervise everything you do on your computer (From browsing internet to browsing folders – you can categorize each activity as productive or not). And the tool, based on all this, lets you know how productive you were for the time of the day.

Focus Booster – A tool that works on the principle of Pomodoro technique (25 minute work blocks along with 5 minute breaks). This tool is available in two version: A desktop version and an online version.

So, you see, I have tried tools all across the “hemisphere” of tools.

So which ones are the best tools?

Well, all of them are the best, in their own ways.

As of now, I only use G reader, Rescue Time and Focus Booster (I didn’t abandon others – they are there, but I find that these three tools are the most helping!).

So, here is the challenge:

My college is starting soon (Well, next month). Summer has been great, I have spending a whole lot of time on blogging.

And now, I need to reduce my time (so that I can focus on my studies!).

Here is what I have planned to do: Reduce my blogging days to just 1.5 hours per day.

This way I have more than enough time to study and some time for blogging related activities.

I have allotted each day (from Monday to Friday) a specific activity like commenting and blog posting.

So, here is what I am going to do:

I am going to experiment with Rescue Time, Focus Booster and G reader to increase my productivity and minimize the time I spend on blogging (While increasing or keeping the same results with comments etc).

These tools are very powerful on their own, now what if we combine those powers?

So, are you with me? The challenge starts tomorrow 🙂

This is the ultimate productivity challenge 😉

And I am going for maximum productivity!