I see a lot of bloggers try to blog. They are trying to write awesome blog posts with great tips so that they can get traffic, subscribers and perhaps make money. And a lot of bloggers write amazing blog posts. But, they are still not awesome bloggers. Do you know why?

To answer this question, first we must define who successful bloggers are. According to me, successful bloggers are:

People who experiment, analyze, learn and teach others their findings (note: I didn’t say theories, I said findings. Keep this in mind, we will need it later).

That is the basic definition of a blogger. You don’t need to write to become a blogger 😀

But, you do need to experiment, analyze and learn.

And share your findings with others (findings = experience). This is the subject for today’s talk. Let’s just begin, shall we? 😀

My inspiration for writing this blog post came from reading other blogs (I have been reading and commenting on a lot of blogs lately). Note: I wrote this blog post from the blogs that I read. I am not jumping to any conclusions; Yes, there are many bloggers who follow their own techniques. But, there are a lot more people who don’t. I wrote this post for them 🙂 .

I was going through a wonderful pile of blog posts, when something came to me: Many of the bloggers didn’t practice their own advice. And, that’s okay. But, that is a really bad thing to do it to your own. Before you give “tips and techniques” to your readers, try them out. See if that works. And share it with your readers (Blogging through action – Note: If you haven’t read this post, I highly recommend that you do it!).

Do You Practice What You Preach?

Do you follow your own tips? Try to answer this question (yes, honest answer and write it down in a piece of paper or better – store it in your mind 😀 ).

I used to do this – I mean, not following the tips and techniques that I wrote in my blog posts, when I was blogging with Tech pupil. And I regret that mistake.

If I had followed all my tips, I would have got a better blog with more traffic and more subscribers than I could ever imagine (Same thing is true for most active bloggers).

And now I do. At least, I try to. I am following all or most of my tips and getting some results out of it (My experience has also taught me that I need to be consistent and it takes time to get the most out of it). So, I am still waiting – experimenting, trying and learning from what I wrote.

Take a look back at your own posts. Do you follow all your tips? If not, implement it. Do it Now! And see how it works out. Write a follow up post with your decision and your experience following the tip (That’s another blog post idea that you don’t have to think about, right?).

Just Try

As a blogger, I am just asking you to give it a try. Look back to your post, see what you have written, read and learn and then apply those techniques to your blog – experiment and follow those techniques consistently.

And you will have success at your hand tip. Trust me here, because I know, from my experience 😀

So, let me ask again, do you practice what you preach? If you do, share your experience. If you don’t, share your thoughts and ideas.

Just Try 😉