If you have been keeping with me (Via Twitter, G+ or blogs that I read), then you probably know about the commenting challenge I am in right now.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would probably know about my writing challenge – writing 2 articles per weekday.

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Well, start our talk for today, okay?

Commenting Challenge

One thing I really hate is a routine. I just like going by the flow, changing things up a little every now and then [i.e. Being creative 😀 ]. So, after 2-3 weeks of my writing challenge, I was tired. No, not because I hated the challenge. Because, it wasn’t new. It was just the same thing over and over again 5 days a week.

So, the other day, I was going over Tristan’s old posts about commenting and it hit me – Why shouldn’t I try a commenting challenge?

And so, it was decided.

I planned to leave 100 quality comments over several blogs – Thanks to Ana’s Comment luv blog’s list and Brian’s Bloggers list.

So, I decided to leave 100 comments per day – from Monday to Friday (for this week).

Well, that was a big mistake.

Let me tell you why:

I didn’t have a clear plan.

Yes, I have told you that I hate planning. But, a plan can really be helpful at times.

Yesterday, I had about 5-6 hours of free time and I left 50 comments in total.

Let me tell you why it didn’t work out well (And Lessons learned):

  • I decided that I will only leave comments on blogs where I can get my investment back – Big mistake because : 1) I won’t know who will come back. The person I think may not visit my blog might actually take a look at my blog 2) I shouldn’t be greedy, should I? I should just appreciate the bloggers for their posts, right?
  • The posts were mixed up – Yes, there weren’t in order of length of the post. I really had to read many long posts in between. It wasn’t progressive – from easy to hard. I think I would have done way better if I had a plan and read all the short posts first and long ones later.
  • I didn’t take breaks – Another big mistake. I should have taken breaks in between. I was just reading and commenting continuously – which caused my body to break down (I also had headache all night, yesterday).

100 comments is a lot. Especially, when you want to leave 100 quality comments. And things are not going that good today, either. I didn’t get home early (As I thought I would – so, I haven’t started my “commenting blitzkrieg” yet). I am planning to do about 50 today (100 is too much for day, at least for me).

Now, for the actual tip:

Link in Replies?

So, I was commenting on many blogs yesterday (And I did get many replies back that again deserved another reply). So, I was replying. And, I was thinking about comment luv links/twitter links. Should we have links in our comment replies?

My opinion is that we should not.

And I followed the opinion for most ones (Except a few when the auto fill did all the work and I forgot to un check the comment luv option).

Let me tell why I did that:

It builds a better relationship – When you don’t have comment luv links in your comment reply backs, you are telling the blog owner:

That you actually care about the site.
That you are there just for the links.
Now the benefits that you actually get:

The blog owner will more likely check your blog link (if they haven’t already). Because you just showed them that you give a damn about their blog.
More chance that the blog owner will comment on your blog.
Yes, of course, by doing this, you would be loosing out all those links – But, if you are a blogger who cares more about relationships than links, then go ahead 😉

So, what now?

Nothing much. Just tell me what you think. What is your opinion about leaving links on reply backs? Do you do it? Why or why not?

I am off to do my commenting challenge 😉 Thanks for listening!